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How do I order?

Click on the "Ready to Order" Button on the top right on our site. This will lead you to the Send bottles platform to place your orders.

What if I miss the deadline?

If you miss the deadline on Thursday, you will have a grace period until 9:00am the following Friday morning. If not, there's always next Thursday!

Do you deliver in my area?

We are currently delivering to limited parts of Los Angeles County and Orange County. Input your Zipcode at the bottom of our home page here to see if you are within our range.

What if I miss the time of delivery?

We will notify you as our delivery comes close to your location. If you or someone are not present to recieve the delivery, we will withold your order and contact you.

What kind of containers do you use?

We use commercially compostable containers from Vegware and World Centric.

How long do the meals last?

Upon recieving Plant Love meals, please refridgerate or freeze right away to ensure freshness. Our meals last 4-7 days. A "USE BY" date will be stamped on the sides of the container. Use your best judgement when it comes to food. If any of the meals smells odd or looks odd, do not consume.

How do I reheat the meals?

Our meals can be reheated in the microwave without the lid (due to it's compostable nature). We recommend heating the meals in a steamer, pan, or a pot until sufficiently heated for the best results.

Can I freeze these meals?

Our containers are not made to be frozen long-term. If you'd like to freeze your meals for more than a week, you may transfer the meal contents to a proper freezing container.

What are plant-based meals?

Nutritious meals that are sourced purely from plants. No animal by-products.

How much is delivery?

Delivery ranges from 5-15 dollars depending on the distance from our main kitchen located in Arcadia, CA

Why does someone have to be present on location during delivery?

Our meals are natural and freshly made and should be refridgerated immediately for the freshest quality.

What is the meaning of life?

To be joyous and bring joy to others :) And eat lots of yummy plant-based foods!

I have specific needs and/or requests.

For questions concerning specific needs or catering requests, contact us in the comment section above.

How do I cancel my order/recurring orders?

  1. Log in to your Send Bottles account (you can access send bottles website through our "Ready to Order" button on the top right).
  2. Go to your account and select the plan you are currently on in the drop down menu, then click on "edit plan settings" right underneath.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click on "Cancel Plan"
  4. Then, a message will appear notifying that you have successfully canceled your plan.

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